The google Ai Contest is over now and the rankings are in. I did about as good as I expected, coming in at #1178 out of ~4600 entries. Not to shabby but I had some big bugs in my AI that I just never had time to fix, so maybe next time I can do better.

There is always next year…

I have been getting a few requests to see how I am using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) with my Maxscript tools. As opposed to writing a full out tutorial I thought it would be easier to just upload an example of the code. The code will show you how to create the most used XAML elements, parse the XAML into a usable UI, and then assign events to those UI elements to create a fully functioning UI. I have only created the bare bones, but it should provide a starting point.

WPF Maxscript Example UI

Demo Reel 2010


Starting this blog off with my Demo Reel for 2010, at least the cool stuff I can show. I did not do any of the modeling or texturing.